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Trade operations

Operations in the market of shares

ELLIOTT CAPITAL conducts brokering in all main Ukrainian stock exchanges and in the over-the-counter market, guarantying to its clients the impeccable service during executing orders, analytical and consulting support of specialists that are in the centre of events and monitor all significant changes of the stock exchange in real-time mode.

Our company offers the following services in the stock exchanges:

·         stock and shares trade in the leading markets;

·         composition of an individual securities portfolio;

·         operations on assets management;

·         positions hedging;

·         margin trading;

·         clients’ informational support in real-time mode;

·         high-qualified analytical investigations of markets and companies.

Operations in the debt market, operations in the bond market

ELLIOTT CAPITAL is one of the most active and professional operators of the debt market. The company provides a full spectrum of services in the debt market and executes operations of any complexity:

·         brokerage services on the bond market;

·         formation of a client’s portfolio with an optimal risk/return ratio;

·         repo operations for portfolios of liquid bonds;

·         operations with bonds of any echelons;

·         organization of bond programs;

·         consulting and analytical support.