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Merger and acquisition services. M&A

For business owners, who are willing to increase the efficiency of their business and acquire companies or sell their business with profit


Purchasing of assets

  • Increase of a market share (consolidation within  the sector)
  • Geographic diversification (entry to new trade areas)
  • Ensuring  of economic safety and strengthening of market positions (vertical integration)
  • Product line extension
  • Entry to more technological sectors, access to new technologies (product diversification


ELLIOTT CAPITAL’s offer purchasing of assets

  • Search for investment attractive objects
  • Conducting negotiations with owners
  • Development of a contract with better purchasing  terms
  • Business valuation and organization of  integrated due diligence
  • Preparation of investment memorandum
  • Deal structuring
  • Preparation of transaction documents
  • Transaction support till closing


Selling of assets

  • Business restructuring and  increasing of efficiency
  • Leaving unprofitable business areas
  • Opportunity to reinvest into new perspective businesses


ELLIOTT CAPITAL’s offer selling of assets

  • Business valuation
  • Development of recommendations as to the increase of the business value for  the owners
  • Preparation of presentation materials for potential investors
  • Organization of a “data room” and work with potential investors
  • Conducting tenders and  negotiations with investors
  • Reception of investment offers
  • Deal structuring
  • Preparation of transaction documents
  • Complete transaction support till closing