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Investment company ELLIOTT CAPITAL is an active participant in the share market and offers its clients access to operations with shares in all leading world markets, as well as in the over-the-counter market.

Comparing with other financial services, operation in the securities market provides unlimited possibilities to obtain profit and various instruments and strategies of investment.

Range of our tariffs is developed in a way considering all interests of our investors.


Services of ELLIOTT CAPITAL in the shares market:

·         Exchange and off-board operations with Ukrainian and foreign securities;

·         Recommendations on composition of individual securities portfolio;

·         Consolidation of shares portfolios on demand;

·         A set of services on organization and servicing of securities issuance (preparation of issuance, services of underwriter, paying agent, etc.);

·         Consulting on legal issues concerning operations with securities;

·         Informational support of clients;

·         REPO operations;

·         Other operations with securities.