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For legal entities

Investment into bonds is attractive due to minimal risks at fixed regular income that may exceed income on bank deposits.

Bonds, as well as a bank deposit, are an instrument with fixed profitability and minimal risk level. As deposit, bonds are actively used for temporarily placement of capital. However, specificity of this instrument allows to use the strategy of short-term and long-term capital placement more effectively.

Investment into bonds allows to obtain profitability exceeding profitability of the bank deposit rate in a short term and with minimal risks. Besides that, an investor can at any moment sell bonds without loss in profitability or take a credit on security of the bonds, while early termination of deposit usually leads to loss of pro cents.

The variant of investment into bonds is especially actual for companies whose business is connected with seasonal fluctuations of demand, and for enterprises facing with necessity of placement of capital for a certain period of time.


Due to their specificity bonds are of special interest for institutional investors which can significantly increase profitability of operations with these securities with the help of REPO operations.

REPO transactions

Direct REPO means sale of bonds with obligation of their further redemption in a certain period of time. Direct REPO is an effective instrument of liquidity support. Using a direct REPO operation, investor obtains funding on favourable terms due to exceed of bonds profitability comparing with REPO rate, and at the same time it is not necessary to sell investor’s portfolio. Direct REPO transactions may be considered as analogue of “trading with a shoulder”, i.e. as a method to increase profitability of operations with bonds.

Reverse REPO

Reverse REPO means purchase of bonds with obligation of their further sale back in a certain period of time. If direct REPO means attraction of money, reverse REPO operations may be called the favourable placement of money and the possibility of securities attraction. In case of a reverse REPO operation investor obtains revenue due to the difference between purchase and sale of bonds that is calculated starting from the money attraction rate.

For private clients

Investment into bonds is a possibility to have regular stable income by including of a conservative instrument with fixed profitability into the investment portfolio.

Bonds, as well as bank deposits, offer minimal risks during investment, however, profitability of bonds may significantly exceed profitability of bank deposits. In this case you may sell your bonds at any time that unlike early termination of major deposits does not lead to loss of profitability.

Unlike shares bonds do not have significant price fluctuations, and during corrections in the stock market bonds may be an optimal instrument of investment.