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Brokerage services

ELLIOTT CAPITAL provides clients with the following financial services:

·         Crediting and writing-off of monetary resources and securities;

·         Purchase, sale, exchange of securities;

·         REPO deals;

·         Consulting on financial questions and questions of taxation;

·         Other operations with securities described in the Regulations of clients’ servicing in the securities market.

Besides standard services ELLIOTT CAPITAL makes the following individual service available for its clients:

·         Individual investment strategies and personal consultations of analysts for VIP-clients;

·         Personal managers providing consultations on all trade instruments: shares (as high liquid, so low liquid), options, commodity and currency futures, bonds and bills;

·         Understandable recommendations on investment: speculative, investment, typical portfolios, strategies, branch overviews and recommendations;

·         Consulting management in all markets, including foreign ones. A new service – purchase and/or consulting management of Eurobonds portfolios;

·         Strategies, individual consultations on hedging of currency and other market risks;

·         Operations on arbitrary deals in foreign markets, market-making, etc. for VIP-clients.

You will be provided with full and regular reporting on all conducting operations:

1.     Securities and monetary resources flow report;

2.     Report on precedent transactions;

3.     Report on counteragents’ debts;

4.     Expense report.

Tariffs of the company include operational expenses of the stock exchange, expenses on the depositary services, and commission remuneration.

In different stock exchanges there is a different size of commission, in case of low volume of operations with securities the commission is practically invisible (stock commission is charged at the moment of settlement of transaction). However, in case of high volume of operations with securities, as well as in case of pips catching (fixation of insignificant income) it should be obligatory considered. Activity on organization of calculations on transactions is also charged with a clearing fee, but usually it is included into the common stock commission.

Settlement depositary of the stock exchange also charges fees for transfer of securities. These fees are charged from the depositary through which you are working in the stock exchange (only licensed participants of trading – brokers – can directly open accounts in the settlement depositary).

Clients of ELLIOTT CAPITAL may place orders in the following ways:

·         Personally by phone;

·         By facsimile transmission.