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Eurobonds issues

Eurobonds constitute an instrument of protection and multiplying of investor’s funds that may be a physical person or a legal entity investing into this type of securities. For an enterprise the investment of own funds (passives) into Eurobonds is a reliable investment strategy not only in the period of economical stability, but also is the capital protection during crisis events in economy. In this case the holder of Eurobond obtains revenue (coupons or bond redemption) in dollars that makes a company which passives are invested into Eurobonds resistive to domestic economic fluctuations, including possible devaluation of hryvna.

ELLIOTT CAPITAL is an active participant of the Eurobonds market.

Our specialists will help you to effectively purchase and sell Eurobonds.

Investment portfolio formed from Eurobonds may be diversified by purchasing debt liabilities of different types of borrowers and different duration (circulation period of securities). Presence of wide assortment of Eurobonds with different levels of profitability and periods before redemption allows investor to create a portfolio in compliance with the selected financial strategy.

Specialists of ELLIOTT CAPITAL company will provide you with:

·         Full support during purchase of sovereign / corporate Eurobonds, their storage and further sale / redemption;

·         Selection of an instrument and development of the strategy of investment into Eurobonds;

·         Estimation of reasonability, terms and directions of investment with consideration of all your wishes;

·         Reliable legal registration of right of ownership of Eurobonds;

·         Analysis of the Eurobonds market and its perspectives;

·         Monitoring of all events that could influence on credibility of issuers / profitability of Eurobonds.