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Several Ukrainian companies plan IPO on WSE in 2013

Several Ukrainian companies are ready to handle an initial public offering (IPO) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) in 2013 and waiting when the situation on the stock market improves, according to WSE spokesman Blazej Karwowski.

"Much depends on the situation on the global stock market. There are a few projects - some Ukrainian companies have already got ready [for an IPO] and are waiting for a better situation on the stock market. These are [companies in the] agriculture and other sectors," he told Ukrainian reporters.

Karwowski said that one of the decisive factors is the macroeconomic situation in Ukraine.

"The most important influential factor is the anticipated devaluation of the hryvnia. Polish investors are afraid of a devaluation," he said.

He said equities are to be placed on the exchange's main trading floor.

Many Ukrainian companies are interested in IPOs on the WSE, which is seen from negotiations from them, he added.

"Ukraine is the most important direction of our business in foreign regions. As of today, 12 Ukrainian companies are listed on the exchange. We're successfully working with Ukrainian brokerage firms, and we've got IPO partners. I'm sure that the cooperation will get wider and deeper," he added.